German Language Pack

This extension is a language pack for German speaking countries. The whole Magento store is translated in German, even the backend! The language file was created and translated by humans, so there are no problems with automatic translations anymore.

Extension activation

After successful installation of the extension you can activate the translations. Be sure to install the extension in the following path as it is a language pack and not a usual extension: <Magento install dir>/app/i18n/magenerds/de_de/

After installation run the following commands:

bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
bin/magento setup:upgrade

Extension configuration

In order to use the translations in the frontend go to the system configuration under Stores > Configuration. There you find General > General and under Locale Options you can configure the Locale to German.

Locale German

The backend can be switched to german for every single backend user individually. Therefore go to System > All Users. Edit the user and set the Interface locale to German.

Backend German


Changelog is available on github.