Extension Installation

This site explains how you can install Magenerds extensions into your Magento® 2 store. We recommend that you install every new extension on a test or staging environment first before you install it on a production system. We also recommend that you do a backup of the Magento® 2 file system as well as the Magento® 2 database before installing a new extension.

Installation over Marketplace

As Magenerds extensions are offered in the official Magento® Marketplace you can directly install them via the Magento® 2 backend. Magento® did a great job simplifying this process, they also provided a really good documentation. Please read the official documentation for installing extensions over the marketplace. Magento® 2 Marketplace Installation

Installation via file transer

You need at least some sort of access to your Magento® 2 server, may it be (S)FTP or SSH. If you downloaded the extension directly from our site you can transfer it to your Magento® 2 server.

  1. Download the extension and unzip it
  2. Access your Magento® 2 server
  3. Enter the following commands:

    cd <Magento install dir>/app/code mkdir -p Magenerds/<ModuleName>

    Whereas <Magento install dir> is the directory where your Magento® runs and <ModuleName> is the name of the module (you can find out the exact module name in the registration.php of the unziped module folder you downloaded).

    Module name

  4. Copy the content of the unziped folder (not the folder itself) into <Magento install dir>/app/code/Magenerds/<ModuleName>/.
  5. Run the following in the Magento® install directory: bin/magento setup:upgrade
  6. Delete the cache in the backend